Actor/Stunt Performer
Equity (MEAA) Number 2971038
Mob: 0420 490 275             Ph: (02) 9636 1873            Email: zuzifort@hotmail.com
Stunt show-reel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyVBSL0s_6I


Zuzi studied at the University of Western Sydney – Nepean (Theatre) and at the University of Technology – Sydney (BA Communication – directing and scriptwriting), she also attended the Filmmakers College of Arts & Sciences and The Australian Playhouse Studio where she trained in voice, movement, physical theatre, experimental and street theatre. Since her graduation from UTS Zuzi worked as an actor, director, scriptwriter, playwright, coach, drama teacher, reporter, editor, TV host as well as, after gaining her accreditation from MEAA, a stunt performer.

Zuzi’s stunt skills include body control, martial arts, weaponry, abseiling, rap jumping, rock climbing, horse riding, basic acrobatics, tumbling, she holds a jet ski and a speedboat license, bronze medallion and a senior first aid certificate. Acting, however remains Zuzi’s passion; highlights include performing Moliere at the Belvoir, acting with David Ritchie in Place with the Pigs, playing Tiger Lily in the Peter Pan Launch at Capitol Theatre, performing in plays by Sartre and Kohout and many others, doing stunts on the Superman movie, False Witness, All Saints, Packed to the Rafters, Gladiators and Home and Away, being Lara Croft and Wonderwoman for Plastic Wax Productions and working for the Universal Studios in Terminator 2 – 3D and High Noon Stunt Shows. 

Zuzi’s teaching experience include working for Hot M, Powerhouse Youth Theatre, PAC Station, Art Umbrella, the Q Theatre, the Australian Institute of Performing Arts, The Speech and Drama Studio at MLC and coaching privately. Finally, Zuzi has been involved with community theatre and has been working closely with refugees to help them express their experience and discover their voice through self-devised theatre and various workshops. 

However, Zuzi’s greatest achievements are her daughters, Kira and Kisha.

Place of Birth Czech Republic

Hair Colour - dark brown         Hair Length mid-back    
                     Eye Colour - Hazel                    Height 171cm                                    

                                                                                                  Shoe size - 7.5                          Build size 8 -10 muscular                                                     

2015              Child Behaviour Diploma

2000              Army Training Boot Camp                                                             Captain Dale Dye, Universal Studios
1999              Filmmakers College of Arts & Sciences                             American Accents with Rowena Balos
1995-98        University of Technology, Sydney                                         BA in Communications (Writing & Directing)
1993-94        University of Western Sydney (Nepean)                         BA in Performing Arts (Theatre)
1990-92        The Australian Playhouse Studio                                         Diploma Course
1984-88        Public School of Arts (Prague)                                                    Department of Literature & Drama


Grammar course
Writing for children
Effective negotiation
Proposal writing
Event management
Project management
Public speaking
Team building
Stress management
Successful motivator
Risk assessment
Train the trainer
Conflict resolution
Health and safety
Conflict resolution
PR and Media and public relations
Coaching and mentoring
JOW GA KUNG FU ACADEMY (Northern & Southern Shaolin Kung Fu)
Nunchaku Workshop
Broad Sward Southern Workshop
Shaolin Broad Sward Workshop
1994-98      TAE KWON DO CHUNG DO-KWAN ACADEMY (1996 South Pacific Tae Kwon Do Champion)

2004               Advance Driving Course (Manual)                                        Peter Finlay
2004               Rap Jumping (abseiling)                                                                The Edge
2004               Bronze Medaillon Lifesaving                                                     The Australian Royal Lifesavers Society
2004               Jet Ski Course Level 1                                                                           Paul Leven  Australian Jet Ski Academy
2004               Advance Driving Course (automatic)                                 Eastern Creek Raceway
2004               Rockclimbing Course Level 1                                                         Australian School of Mountaineering
2003              Senior First Aid                                                                       TAFE

2014              Senior First Aid                                                                        Edgeway Training

2011                Pete Murrey “Always a winner” video clip, stunt performer. Co-ordinator  Glenn Suter (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGWI-5uFLxQ&feature=kp)
2010               Sea Patrol                       Stunt double,   Stunt Coordinator  Paul Phillips
2010               Cops LAC                     Stunt double, Stunt Coordinator  Paul Phillips
2009               Home and Away                                     Channel 7 TV series, Stunt double for Suzie, Stunt Co-ordinator  Richard Boue
2008               False Witness                         TV Mini-series, Stunt Performer, Stunt Co-ordinator Spike Cherrie
2008               Out Of the Blue                   Channel 7 TV series, Stunt Performer, Stunt Co-ordinator  Richard Boue
2008          Packed To The Rafters, Channel 7  Stunt Performer, Stunt Co-ordinator  Ray Anthony, Director Lyn-Maree Danzey
2008              DIY Security   TV Pilot                                Middle Aged Housewife
2008               Gladiators   Channel 7  Show               Stunt performer       Challenger stand-in
2007               All Saints                                                                          Stunt performer          Stunt Co-ordinator: Spike Cherrie
2005               The Red Sun – Superman movie                       Stunt performer       Stunt Co-ordinator: Glenn Suter
2005               The Lingerie Leagues                            Footy Chick                                     TV Pilot Vanguard Pictures        
2005               Japanese Game show (TV)                    Body double               Stunt Co-ordinator: John Walton
2005               HEAVY METAL MELTDOWN (feature)                                     Assassin                Stunt Co-ordinator: Brian Ellison
2004               EASTWORLD (short)                                     Christine (lead)        Director: Tony Chu
1999                New Reality (short)                                      Sari (lead)                   Director: David Chai
1997                Feast (short)                                                         Maya                                Director: Katerina Ivak
1996                Circus In A Suitcase (short)                Loona                              Haber-Pilot Productions
1995                G.P.                                                                                Nurse                              ABC Television
1994-95        Faces In A Crowd & Street Noise    Host/Reporter          SPN Television

2004    Listerine TVC                                                          Scientist                                  Visual
1997    AMP ‘Olympic Dreams’ TVC                                   Swimmer                              Visual
1995       Pizza Hut TVC                                                     Waitress                                 Visual
1994       MacDonalds TVC                                                Customer                               Visual

2017                Australian Premier of TALKING TO TERRORISTS roles: Ex-Secretary of     State/RIMA/NODIRA/Partner of AMB, at the King Street Theatre    Dir. Markus Webber 2011               ON MY DEATHDAY (one-woman show)                   Lucretia                                   performed at New Theatre as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and at Joan   Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, writer, director & performer

2011               ON MY DEATHDAY (one-woman show)                   Lucretia                                   performed at New Theatre as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and at Joan   Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, writer, director & performer
2008              Cyanide at Five by Kohout                                              Irena                                           Mini-theatre, dir Eva Sitta, Bondi Pavillion Theatre
2004              The Bridesmaid Must Die                                             Julia                         The Riverside Theatre
2000              Dictator In My Head                       Mary                                Pavilion Theatre
1999              Peter Pan Launch                                         Tiger Lily                     Capitol  Theatre
1999                A Place With The Pigs                             Praskovya                   Bondi Pavilion
1999                In Camera                                                             Estelle                            Hot M Productions, Hut 1 Marrickville
1999                Two Doses Of Moliere                                Elise/Lucielle          Company 2A, Belvoir Street Theatre
1999                Flying Saucery                                                Jicko                                 Independent Theatre Company
1998                Tales From The Corner Shop            Zsuzsi & Eva              Company 2A, Belvoir Street Theatre
1998                On My Deathday                                           Lucretia                        Haber-Pilot Productions
1998                Tinsel & Ashes                                                 Miki                                  Director: Katerina Ivak
1998                Pentecost                                                                Amira                             Pilgrim Theatre
1997                Feast                                                                           Maya                                Czech-Australian Cultural Alliance
1997                Apple                                                                          Sugar                              Czech-Australian Cultural Alliance
1997                Muse (self-devised)                                          Muse                                Produced by TROUTS
1997                Fatal Distractions                                       Clown                              UTS Director: P.P Cranney
1997                A Heart For Christmas                            Luna                                Czech-Australian Cultural Alliance
1996                Dancing Light                                                  Black Widow              Bondi Pavilion Gallery
1996                Prague                                                                       Praha Bohemia       Czech-Australian Cultural Alliance
1996                Going To The Analyst                              Lucretia                        Czech-Australian Cultural Alliance
1995                Wake Up                                                                  Intruder                        University of Technology, Sydney
1995                Legends of the Moon                                 The Goddess                Director: Katerina Ivak
1994                The Christmas Show                                  Poet                                   Sokol Club Director: J Rich
1994                That’s Life                                                            Mary                                Czech-Australian Cultural Alliance
1994                Profile                                                                       Loony                               Czech-Australian Cultural Alliance
1993                The Actors Nightmare                             Dame Ellen Terry  The New Theatre
1993                Everyman                                                             Sister Margaret       The New Theatre
1992                Peter Pan                                                               Peter Pan                     Nepean Theatre
1992                Street Theatre, Community  and Experimental Theatre          UWS Nepean

2008              Dawn of war game, Motion capture for Plastic Wax – female warriors  (falls, gymnastics, fight scenes, sword work)
2000              Lara Croft clip Motion capture for Plastic Wax – Lara Croft  (falls, gymnastics, fight scenes)
2006              The Justice League Motion capture for Plastic Wax – Wonder Woman and various other characters
2006              Ghost Ryder Motion capture for Plastic Wax – various characters (wire work, harness work, fight scenes)
2003              Opening Ceremony for NAS Games Homebush – Film Fighting demonstration (AFFA – dir. Ray Anthony)
2001-03      TERMINATOR 2 – 3D, Live Stunt Show, As: Sara Connor, Universal Studios - Japan
2001-02      HIGH NOON Stunt show, As: Miss Charity Marmalade, Universal Studios - Japan
2000               Action Man Lives 2 produced by Wonderland Sydney - Lead Stunt Performer (speaking part)
1999              Action Man Lives produced by REEL STUNTS @ Wonderland - Stunt Performer
1998                Motion Capture Actor as XENA in a 3D Interactive. Prod. Brilliant Interactive Ideas

Tutor/drama and speech coach for THE SPEECH AND DRAMA STUDIO MLC Sydney
Tutor/drama facilitator for the Q Theatre at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (Adult classes, Kids’ classes – beginner, intermediate and advanced)
Flannofest drama teacher at Cambridge Park High school.
Drama facilitator/director for Powerhouse Youth Theatre teaching at various High schools.
Tutor (drama/stunt) for Drama Scene
Workshop facilitator for the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre.
Drama coordinator/tutor for PAC Station Performing Arts School (teaching children from 5yrs to teenagers)
Drama Tutor for Carol Murray’s School of Dance
Coordinator and tutor for CACA Drama Group for the Young

Drama Teacher for Art Umbrella

Fluent Czech, Basic Russian & French, Tae Kwon Do, Wushu, Kung Fu, Breakfalls, Weightlifting, Tennis, Swimming, Horse Riding, Basic Acrobatics & Stiltwalking, Basic Puppetry, speedboat licence, jet ski license and an advanced driving course.
Active-after-school accredited coach

1996              South Pacific Tae Kwon Do Champion (1st place)
Central Coast winner  of:
Novice Figure, Tall Figure and Overall Champion-of-Champions Figure, plus a special  Best Posing award
NSW Championships – winner of NSW (1st in Tall Figure)
National Championships – 3rd place in Tall figure

International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) NSW Championship – Women’s Bodybuilding Open – 2nd place.


1995-98                       University of Technology Sydney (BA Communication – journalism and writing/directing)
1993-94                       University of Western Sydney - Nepean (BA in Drama)
1990-92                       The Australian Playhouse Studio (drama and writing)
1987-88                       School of Art - Department of Literature and Drama

2004-07                       Editor for ParramattaOnLine - Empower Australia
2001-02                       Contributing Reporter for The Sushi Roll - Universal Studio’s Internal Magazine
1993-99                       Sole Editor for the CACA Newsletter
1991-98                       Reporter for the Czech Community Paper AUSTRALSKE LISTY

Writer of:
Numeral productions for various Sydney Performing Arts Schools and Trinity and ASCA exams
Profile, That’s Life, Wake Up!, Going to The Analyst, Dancing Light, A Heart For X-mas, Apple, Muse, Remembering The Future, On My Deathday, Dictator In My Head, Solitary Confinement and Clowns
Co-writer of:
Must I Paint You A Picture?, Legends Of The Moon, Prague, Fatal Distractions 

DICTATOR IN MY HEAD (screenplay)
WICKED (autobiographical novel)
CONVERSATIONS WITH  MY HEART (collection of poems)

Teacher/show director for the Speech and Drama Studio at MLC Sydney (Trinity tutor)
Drama tutor and writer/director at the Australian Institute of Performing Arts (AIPA/KICK)
Tutor/drama facilitator for the Q Theatre at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (Adult classes, Kids’ classes – beginner, intermediate and advanced)
Flannofest drama teacher at Cambridge Park High school.
Drama facilitator/director for Powerhouse Youth Theatre teaching at various High schools.
Tutor (drama/stunt) for Drama Scene
Workshop facilitator for the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre.
Drama coordinator/tutor for PAC Station Performing Arts School (teaching children from 5yrs to teenagers)
Drama Tutor for Carol Murray’s School of Dance
Coordinator and tutor for CACA Drama Group for the Young
Drama Teacher for Art Umbrella

* Writer and director (as part of the artist in residence program) of the 24-hour theatre project for the Trinity Diploma course at MLC Sydney
* Writer and Director for The Memory of Us, Ashfield Council Youth Theatre initiative
* Director, writer and producer of The Rainbow of Harmony, a community theatre project produced by the city of Ryde.
* Director and facilitator for a performance  for Refugee week produced by Lurena High school and The Liverpool Migrant Resource Center
* Director and writer for Powerhouse Youth Theatre, the Upstage It project
* Drama Facilitator/writer and tutor for The Q Theater, Powerhouse Youth Theater, The Liverpool Migrant Resource Center, PAC Station and numerous high school programs.

2011                ON MY DEATHDAY (one-woman show)   Lucretia performed at New Theatre as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts                   Centre, writer, director & performer
1999-00           Co-Director of IN CAMERA by Jean-Paul Sartre, produced by Hot M
                        Director of CLOWNS, Seymor Center
1989-99           Assistant Dir. of ON MY DEATHDAY produced by CACA
1996-97           Assistant Dir. of PRAGUE, produced by CACA
                        Director of DANCING LIGHT, A HEART FOR X-MAS, APPLE and
                        REMEMBERING THE FUTURE, produced by CACA
1995-96           Assistant Dir. of  LEGENDS OF THE MOON produced by CASS
                        Director of WAKE UP! produced by University of Technology
                        Assistant Dir. of  PROFILE and THAT’S LIFE produced by CACA

Paul McGillick; Editorial Director of Indesign Publishing, lecturer in Applied Linguistics, design, the visual arts and cultural policy.

0414 644  058
Andy Ko; a performance artist, writer, facilitator and producer currently working with PYT.

0413 478 801
James Fischer; PRODUCER The Q Theatre (02) 4723 7613Type your paragraph here.