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I am currently looking for either a publisher or a literary agent willing to take this project on. Dining with the Devil is the latest and final draft of my autobiographical journey through the world of a mental illness.

At the age of thirteen, following a number of upheavals and changes in my life, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, an eating disorder. My mind was taken over by something or someone foreign and cruel. Anorexia took on a life of its own. It became another person living inside my mind. At first a friend, a guardian angel, but later Anorexia changed into an oppressor, a dictator, a tyrant.

Eventually, I grew sick of being exhausted and spiritually dead. After years of self-inflicted torture, I had decided to fight. It was a solitary war but then the Anorexic existence is much like a solitary confinement. That is my book. A private hell made public, with a sprinkling of humor and adventure that makes life and growing up so exciting. Starting with an innocent girl full of life and dreams and traveling with her on a journey through the valley of death – escaping a communist country, living in a refugee camp, immigrating to Australia, learning a new language, building a new life, acquiring a new culture and living with a devil of her own creation.

Dining with the Devil monitors the progress of my illness, spanning a number of years and continents. It is written in the form of a diary to show the my decline, the descend into the madness of deprivation and my denial. Anorexia snuck upon me, sucker-punched me. I didn’t even know she was there until it was almost too late.

The reader can see the dramatic change – from a funny carefree determined young woman to a shadow of a human being.

I wrote this in the hope of turning others away from the path that leads to this debilitating condition and also to give hope to those already walking on its treacherous surface; be they Anorexic themselves or their family and friends.

Bottomline? The message? If it can happen to me so it can happen to you. However if I can beat this monster inside my head so can you!


This is a book nearing completion, written for my older daughter Kira it recounts the many adventurous journeys through the imagination of a little girl. Living a seemingly everyday existence the book shows the reader the wonders that fill our world if only we choose to see them. At times humorous, at times scary but always action-packed and filled with excitement and adventure this book is aimed at readers from primary schools year 3 and up. Hidden in the narratives are lessons teaching about manners, friendships, caring, bullying, health and smart choices.


This collection is a case of “necessity is the mother of invention”. After working for various perming arts schools and preparing students for TRINITY and ASCA exams as well as Eisteddfod competitions I realised how hard it was for my fellow teachers and I to find material for our students.

In the end I usually ended up writing scripts myself. Naturally the challenge was that firstly most performing arts schools have one theme that covers all items in their concerts. Secondly, the classes are made up of more girls than boys and the ages vary greatly. As for exams and competitions, these are limited often by time and theme too.

After writing for my students I realised other teachers might benefit from my ever-growing collection. The advantage of these script is that they are versatile, the characters can be split up or some taken out without hurting the story and they need minimal costumes, sets or props. Furthermore, there are usually three or more scripts dedicated to one theme but written for different age groups and/or skill levels.

 As for some of the exam scripts, they are written to fit exactly within the time limit and also to show various other skills (be they performance skills or contributory skills)


This is a labor of love for me: a collection of poems and short stories, often no more than the musings of a mind in turmoil, a soul in love, heart in pain, spirit in ecstasy or brain in confusion.

Poetry is not considered ‘in’ these days and finding a publisher is next to impossible but I write poetry because something inside me simply has to be expressed.

KISHA’S BOOK (untitled yet)

Well, since I am writing a book for one daughter I simply had to start a book for the other daughter. Since my second girl is not even two years old, this book will be for the tiniest readers and filled with rhymes and the shortest of tales to be enjoyed with mum or dad or an older sister or anyone who loves children and loves reading.


An idea for a television serious about three generations of women and packed with humour, drama, action and love.


A thriller book and/or film script dealing with abductions, government conspiracies, secret organisations, families and love.


A book narrating – with tongue in cheek - the centuries old battle of the sexes and the real leaders of the world.


A film script for a dark psychological drama depicting the nature of pain and pleasure, revenge and forgiveness, charity and malevolence and of course love.


My grandparents’ life history – the greatest love story of all.