Whether you are preparing for a class test, a term project, end of year assignment, ASCA, Trinity, Eisteddfod, HSC, QCE or entry exams for a University the choice of you material is crucial but finding a perfect item is not easy. In fact it is often the most difficult part of the entire process. You need to know and have read numerous works by different playwrights, studied genres and styles as well as history in general and performance history in particular. All of that is time consuming and can be frustrating if you don’t know where to start, what you want to show, how to show it, what your strengths are and how to highlight them, what your weaknesses are and how to hide them (don’t worry everyone has theirs and it takes strengths to face your weaknesses – an oxymoron but true) and finally doing all that while being settled with loads of other work – assignments, tests, chores; simply life.

I cannot stress enough that putting your exam program together is half of the battle.

Items need to be unique and thought provoking while entertaining, showcasing your skills, talents and strengths, highlighting your versatility as performers, your emotional maturity, your empathy for and understanding of the feelings and experiences of others, your capacity to put your selves in the shoes of others, your eloquence and your sense of fun and joy in performing. And let’s not forget you must demonstrate a high level of skill in voice (breathing, diction, articulation, characterisation, etc.), physicality (characterisation, stage presence, body control, etc.), script and character analysis, writing, other performance skills you may have chosen (dance, singing, mime, stage combat, puppetry, etc.) and any other contributory skills you may wish to include.

YES, IT IS A LOT OF WORK. Now how about if you had someone to guide you, to narrow the choice, to work with you and find your passions? Because if you are not passionate and excited about your topic, if you are not thrilled to be in front of an audience performing and sharing your work than why should they be? At the end of the day you are performing for your audience not yourself. Your job is to entertain them, amuse them, thrill them, touch them - simply leave them awed.

This is why I offer these lessons: to help you achieve that, to connect with your audience and get you the best result possible.

I talk to you and work with you and learn all about your skills, I find out about what is important to you, what makes you tick and what you would like to deliver. Then I put together a selection of pieces for you to have a look at and see which ones speak to you, which ones you like and can’t stop thinking about. Together we put them together to produce a distinctive and unforgettable piece of artistic work.

I can also help write your own material if desired and insert all those extra skills you have to show the best in you and I can rehearse with you and polish it to a shining perfection.

This being the age of technology I can do all this over the Skype from the comfort of your own home  - though naturally face-to-face lessons are better but not always convenient.

These classes/sessions can be done individually on one-on-one bases or as a program of 8 or more lessons and can be done by individuals and groups alike.

Feel free to contact me to have a chat and find out if I can help you be the best you can be.