About me

Welcome and thanks for stopping by;

Experience, life experience is the key! I have had plenty of that. Born in the Czech Republic I have lived the highs as a daughter of a top TV personality. I have lived the lows as an asylum seeker in a refugee camp. I have experienced loss: the loss of my home, my family, my language and culture, my own self. I have had the joy of discovering them again on the other side of the world: Australia a place where I truly belong. I have witnessed prejudice and charity. I have endured heartbreaking failure and savoured the delicious taste of success. I have I have hit bottom as an Anorexia sufferer when my own body and mind betrayed me. I endured the sweet agony of birth. I have come close to death after delivering my first daughter. I have grown wings and touched the stars in a flight of pure ecstasy when I first hugged my daughters to my heart.  They are my life: two bright flames that light my path and keep darkness at bay. They continue to be a source of great joy, never-ending worries and frustration, growing pride and satisfaction but above all a bottomless fountain of laughter and love. Each day is a new adventure, a fresh lesson and an experience that moulds and defines me as an artist and as a human being.

I am a mother first and foremost. And these are my two rays of sun-shine, my life, my everything.... The reason I breath and the only two beings who can alwys put a smile on my face.

However there is more:

I consider myself an artist - actor, stunt performer, writer and director as well as a tutor. 

I have has been lucky enough and privileged enough to be able to work in the media and entertainment industry. Along the way I have been fortunate to work alongside many amazing professionals such as our own David Ritchie, John Noble, Derren Nesbitt, Gosia Dobrowolska, Dasha Blaha, Georgie Parker as well as Kevin Spacey and Frank Langella in the 2006 Superman movie. They all shared their skill, their talent, knowledge and wisdom with me. I only hope to be able to do the same.

My goal is to entertain, to inspire, to amuse and offer a reprieve from our daily struggles, a chance to escape to a different time and place; a chance to cry and to laugh.